About us

The House Of Mischief (THOM) is a small interiors and lifestyle brand from Balham, South London, set up by designer and digital artist Debora Montesoro.

Debora founded THOM in 2012 to create a range of home accessories and art prints that mix aesthetics with deeper narratives.

Nothing is as it seems

Debora has always been fascinated by optical illusions; the pleasure one feels the moment their unexpected existence reveals itself and one discovers their secrets.

That’s where THOM’s creative vision stems from. Be it in our designs or art prints, be it subtly or more overtly, we like to play with the connections and the contrasts between what one sees and what there actually is, as a mean to entertain, explore topics we care about and encourage you to enjoy the moment.

If you have any questions about what we do or our products, please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!



Commission work

In 2018, Debora started to take on commission projects and produced several portraits for private clients.

Debora applies to this type of work the same creative vision which underpins THOM designs: her portraits aim to go beyond the appearance of the subject, by capturing details of the narrative that makes that person unique.

Find out more about her process, pricing and timings on the commissions page.

Quality products

The same dedication we put into our creative process goes into the making of the products you will find on this website.

THOM collections - from textiles and ceramics to art prints - are made in small volumes, using quality materials and finished at high standards. THOM’s products are handmade with the help of talented local craftspeople and printed in Britain by a small number of companies we collaborate with.

Special requests

We are always happy to accommodate special requests - be it a different size or a specific finish.

Let us know your requirements and we will promptly provide you with a range of options, including extra costs and production time - if any.